Other Baja Photos

My niece

Punta Estrella

Mexicali city bus


Behind the mission in Mulege. November 2005.

Playa Escondida

What else do you do after 16 hours on the road?

Playa Escondida

My secret camping spot. Don't tell anyone.


Saving an octopus that became trapped as the tide dropped in Bahia de Los Angeles

Pancho's Chair - San Rafael

This chair was comfortable but was still a little ripe in November 2004. Pancho gave my daughter a big bag of beautifull shells he had collected for a year.

Bahia Concepcion

It took a bit of rock scrambling up the hill just south of Ecomundo to get this view

Private Beach

A rewarding view of beach on an island in Bahia Concepcion after an easy 2 mile kayak paddle

Playa Escondida

A cardon cactus overlooks Bahia Concepcion above Playa Escondida

Estero Beach Resort

The warm Santa Ana winds were screaming. This is taken the Estero beach the morning of the big San Diego fires in October 2003.

Bay Scallop Shells - Bahia San Ignacio

Overharvested? I didn't see any live bay scallops.

Bahia De Los Angeles

Bahia De Los Angeles

A nice calm evening

Thanksgiving Rain

Bahia de Los Angeles, 2005

San Ignacio Mission

Don't miss the cool little museum just to the south of the mission.

Lava Fields

Volcan las Tres Virgenes. It's very difficult to walk over these chunks of lava.


I hope this cat made it through tropical storm John. This huge, friendly cat devoured pieces of our garlic fish.

Mulege Lighthouse

She was not afraid. I had a mild case of vertigo. Getting old I guess.

Mulege Mission - 300th Anniversary

I wish I had framed this better but I respectfully kept my distance. This was the afternoon of the 300th anniversary of the Mulege Mission. We had a great time helping the town celebrate that night.

My New Ride

My KLR650 finds parking to be easy at the plaza in Tecate as the locals prepare for Indepencia de Mexico

Somewhere South of San Felipe

Somewhere South of San Felipe